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Landscape & Snow Removal Service

Landscaping And Snow Removal Services For Our Community Common Areas  Provided By Greener Grass Landscaping INC

Mowing Of Native Grass

Our community has several zones of Native grass. Our landscaping contract is set up to mow those areas 2 times a season.  

We are working at the direction of our landscaper who advises that the native areas can be mowed as needed.   

Mowing Of Turf Areas

Our turf/sodded areas within our community are scheduled to be mowed weekly that includes edging, debris blowing such as grass blades and or dirt. 

Irrigation/Watering Of Common Areas 

With water restrictions across the state of Colorado, every community is limited to how many times a week turf, native and the plant/tree/flower beds can be watered.  

Our Landscaper Has Set Up The Irrigation System As Follows: 

-Drip irrigation for all beds including plants, bushes, trees begins at9 pm (Su, Th)--in compliance with water-wise rules

-Turf sprinklers begin at  (M, W, F)--in compliance with water-wise rules10 pm

-Native sprinklers begin at 10 pm (T, Sat)--in compliance with water-wise rules

To help in conserving water; we've added a rain sensor to our system to prevent overwatering should the community experience a lot of rain. 

Check out the Colorado Springs Utility Website for Water Wise Rules Below On How You As A Resident Can Save On Costs: 

Water Wise Rules (csu.org)

Snow Removal Services

Our contract agreement is that snow will be plowed/shoveled at the 3-inch trigger mark.  All sidewalks within the inner perimeter of the community are serviced.  Deicing is NOT included

While the Association contracts for snow removal for the community sidewalks, the Association does not provide snow removal for homeowner driveways or front stoops. The streets are public and maintained by the City of Colorado Springs.   

Since our community is small; the city may or may not plow our streets.  However, if the streets do become hazardous you can report it on the link below.  The more homeowners submit complaints the more likelihood of our community streets being plowed. 

| Citizen Connect (elpasoco.com)  

Ice Concerns on North Facing Homes

As the snow melts it can cause ice on sidewalks. While this may occur throughout the community, it is more prevalent in north-facing homes. This is not due to improper installation of the sidewalk or grading of the homes. North-facing homes receive less sunlight. Because of this, they will experience an increased buildup of ice. This is why it is imperative that Residents with north-facing homes clear the snow that is not removed by the Association. If ice forms in these areas, we recommend spreading sand over these areas.

**Attached is the map of our community.  It displays lot lines between the common sidewalks and the homeowner lots.    Highlighted in red shows where grass clippings/debris/dirt is blown away during springs/summer/fall months and snow is removed during the winter months.**

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