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Rental Homes & Tenant Requirements

If you are a homeowner and you are leasing out your home; please submit your lease and addendum along with contact information. 

Homeowners:  are required to follow Article 5, Living Environment Standards Section 5.29 and Policy of the association's declaration set forth: 

Section 5.29 Leasing. c) All leases or rental agreements shall be in writing and shall provide that the leases or rental agreements are subject to all terms of the Association Documents. Owners are required to provide tenants with copies of the current Declaration and other Association Documents. (d) Each Owner who leases his or her Dwelling Unit shall provide the Association, upon request, with a copy of the current lease and tenant information, including the names of all occupants, vehicle descriptions, including license plate numbers, number, and type of pets, and any other information reasonably requested by the Association or its agents. (i) All leases shall be for or of the entire Dwelling Unit. (j) All owners who reside at a place other than the Dwelling Unit shall provide to the Association an address and phone number(s) where the Owner can be reached in case of emergency or other Association business. It is the sole responsibility of the Owner to keep this information current.

Policy:  LEASING OF HOMES 3.1 Tenants must sign a statement that they understand and agree that their lease is subject to the Association's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Declaration of Covenants and Community Guidelines, that they have had an opportunity to read these documents, and that a violation of any provisions of these documents will constitute a breach of their lease. A copy of the statement must be provided to the Community Management Company. Short-term occupancies and rentals of less than ninety (90) days, of Lots, including but not limited to transient, hotel, bed-and-breakfast, or vacation-type rentals, are prohibited without prior written permission from the Association. Any of the uses set forth in the preceding sentence shall be prohibited on any Lot even if such use is determined to be residential use. Upon the expiration of any lease of at least ninety (90) days, the Owner may thereafter extend that lease on a month-to-month basis. All leases shall be for the entire Lot without the subdivision of dwelling units for leasing purposes. Subleasing, meaning the leasing or rental of a leased Lot from the tenant under the lease to another person, is prohibited.

Tenants: are expected and required to follow our governing documents, community policies, rules/guidelines. Please see attached documents for your reference.